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I'm building a simple Pick-Up-Jacks game using jQuery, and there is a conditional statement in the jackPick function which is just ignored whether it evaluates to true or not.

Any reason why this should happen? Code below:


    $("#something").animate({marginTop:"+=400px"}, 1200, comeBack());
    $("#something2").animate({marginTop:"+=400px"}, 2500);
    $("#something3").animate({marginTop:"+=400px"}, 3000);

function comeBack(){
    $("#something").animate({marginTop:"-=400px"}, 1200);
    $("#something2").animate({marginTop:"-=400px"}, 2500);
    $("#something3").animate({marginTop:"-=400px"}, 3000);

var i = 1;
function jackPick(bubble){
    var mt = $(bubble).css("margin-top"); 
            if (mt != "400px"){
                $("p").html("<p>" +i+ "</p>");



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How do you know it is ignored? –  putvande Feb 5 at 9:09
Try putting a console.log(mt) in the click event. Check your console to see what the value is. Is it 400px? –  Gohn67 Feb 5 at 9:14
The result of the if statement still runs whether I click a bubble while in motion or at rest (at 400px). @Gohn67 - didn't think of that thanks! –  BHouwens Feb 5 at 12:39
It is indeed 400px, even during the animation when the value is clearly changing in the source code. –  BHouwens Feb 5 at 14:05

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