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In my android application i want to hide soft-keys of device.For that i have used SYSTEM_UI_FLAG_IMMERSIVE_STICKY with SYSTEM_UI_FLAG_FULLSCREEN and SYSTEM_UI_FLAG_HIDE_NAVIGATION flags. It works properly on nexus device,but if i execute app on Samsung Android devices it doesn't respond to first touch and after first touch it starts responding. As i am developing game app, all logic in my game depends on touch events by user. I don't know how tos olve this problem. I searched on this issue but couldn't find any solution.Please help me to solve this issue. Thank you.

Code :

 private View mDecorView;
        protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

            mDecorView = getWindow().getDecorView();
        public void onWindowFocusChanged(boolean hasFocus) {
            if (hasFocus) {
                        | View.SYSTEM_UI_FLAG_LAYOUT_HIDE_NAVIGATION
                        | View.SYSTEM_UI_FLAG_LAYOUT_FULLSCREEN
                        | View.SYSTEM_UI_FLAG_HIDE_NAVIGATION
                        | View.SYSTEM_UI_FLAG_FULLSCREEN
                        | View.SYSTEM_UI_FLAG_IMMERSIVE_STICKY);
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