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I declare my date element in this format in view.

<li>{{dt.Joindate | date:'dd-MM-yyyy'}}</li>      //output: Wed Feb 05 2014 15:39:46 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time) comes like this

My data comes as a string,i converted the string date in javascript but the date field does not shows like MM-dd-yyyy

Javascript code:

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What is the value of the elements of $scope.retrieveddata –  Minko Gechev Feb 5 at 10:24
$scope.retriveddata is an array... –  Vicky Feb 5 at 10:28
$scope.Postcall = function() { $http.post('Home/postdatainangular', { name: 'Sriram',dept: 'Civil',Joindate: today }).success(function(response) { if(response.Result == "OK") { angular.forEach(response.Data,function(item){ item.Joindate=Date(item.Joindate); $scope.retrieveddata.push(item);; }); } }); } –  Vicky Feb 5 at 10:28

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