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I got 2 windows that are not parents/children of each other and classes made for each once. Let's name them ClassA and ClassB. I am rising an event clicking button in ClassA. All i want to do is to pass variable from Class B after that button click and after that make one of ClassA functions to execute using that variable.

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And what have you already tried? –  Robert Feb 5 at 11:18
i tried passing valuse by making instance of classB in classA and i managed to pass that variable. But problem is not solved, cause i can't just put that variable there, cause on first call to method it must have got certain value and i want to change it after some time and make method run. –  praksis.jw Feb 5 at 12:29

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It can be done without additional events by having an instance of the ClassB. You obviously need that instance unless it's a static class. You can pass the instance, for example, in a constructor or using a property.

public ClassA
    private ClassB classBInstance;

    public ClassA(ClassB classBInstance)
        this.classBInstance = classBInstance;

    void buttonClick(...)

public ClassB
    void SomeFunction(paramater)
        mySecretVariable = parameter;
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I think u misunderstood my concept. I am trying to get variable from Class A into class B. I am clicking something in class A and after that click i want to rise method in class B. –  praksis.jw Feb 5 at 11:21
@user3274820 Ah, I will change it. –  Ondrej Janacek Feb 5 at 11:24
You will need to create an event in ClassA, hold a reference to ClassA in ClassB, and attach a method in ClassB to the event firing from ClassA - Search for intros on creating Events first –  Colin Steel Feb 5 at 11:25
@user3274820 I updated my answer. Can you do that like I'm suggesting? Can you get and instance of ClassB to ClassA and call a method with an argument directly? If not, I will suggest a solution using events. –  Ondrej Janacek Feb 5 at 11:29
That function can't use it as an argument. It uses that variable in the middle, but i can't pass that as variable. That click have to update my variable and later make method to execute. –  praksis.jw Feb 5 at 11:41

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