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Currently I have Apache Webserver running Ruby on Rails. This is config of Rails:

<VirtualHost *:80>
    DocumentRoot /app/htdocs/

    <Directory "/app/htdocs">
        Options MultiViews
        AllowOverride All
        Order allow,deny
        Allow from all
        DirectoryIndex index.html

   RequestHeader set X_FORWARDED_PROTO 'http'
   ProxyPass /bs-web
   ProxyPassReverse /bs-web


But now I want to run PHP on this server. I added this config to httpd.conf:

<VirtualHost *:4910>
    DocumentRoot "/app/gstation"
    <Directory "/app/gstation">
        Options -MultiViews
        AllowOverride All
        #RailsEnv production
        #Order allow,deny
        #Allow from all

But it's not working. I cannot call to port 4910.

How can I add PHP site to this web server ???

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so u want rails app on the main domain and php on sub domain – Bijendra Feb 5 '14 at 11:25
Rails app currently run like this: ip-address/bs-web. Now I want PHP app run as well as ip-address/gstation – Trung Bui Feb 6 '14 at 1:44

Take a look at the Listen directive in your httpd.conf. There should be a line saying Listen 80, change this to Listen 80,4910 and restart apache.

If this is a remote server and the above doesn't do the trick, also share the output of iptables --list with us and check any other firewalls in between (also on the client side).

Update: I suppose you have some kind of server for your Rails app running on port 4909 and are proxying to it (when running Apache, Passenger might also be something to look at, by the way). If you want to run the PHP app in the other subdirectory, you could simply put the app in the folder /app/htdocs/gstation or make use of the Alias Directive. If you put the following below your proxy definition, it should work:

Alias /gstation /app/gstation

However, now you will have your app running on port 80, so if you want to run it on port 4910, you would also have to add *:4910 to your Virtualhost opening tag. I doubt that's what you're looking for though, if I understand your comment correctly.

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I already added listen directive to my httpd.conf. I want PHP site to be like this ip-address/gstation. How can I do that ? – Trung Bui Feb 6 '14 at 1:47
I updated my answer. – Jaap Haagmans Feb 6 '14 at 9:02

To deploy multiple rails app websites on the same instance, use railsbaseuri and create symlinks in that folder to point to your rails application public folder

    <VirtualHost *:80>
        DocumentRoot /home/ubuntu/vol/
        <Directory /home/ubuntu/vol>
        Allow from all

        RailsBaseURI /rails-app1
        <Directory /home/ubuntu/vol/rails-app1>
        Options -MultiViews

create a symlink for the rails app in vol folder.

    ln -s /home/ubuntu/rails_project_folder/public rails-app1

Keep the php application inside vol folder and it should work with /php-app-name on the domain. Though i have not tested it but this is what my understanding says. Come back if any issues..

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