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I'm trying to translate a simple button into content_tag's for a Helper:

My Helper:

html = link_to disconnect_path(social: provider.downcase), class: "btn btn-#{provider.downcase} btn-block btn-social" do
  content_tag :i, 'Verified', class: "fa fa-#{provider.downcase}"

The button i need:

<a class="btn btn-block btn-social btn-facebook">
  <i class="fa fa-facebook"></i> Sign in with Facebook

The helper gets the 'Verified' inside the i tags ->

<i class="test">Verified</i>

but instead it should be outside ->

<i class="test"></i> Verified

Can anyone help me out setting this up ?

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Than move the title text outside of the i tag:

link_to(disconnect_path(social: provider.downcase), class: "btn btn-#{provider.downcase} btn-block btn-social") do
  content_tag(:i, '', class: "fa fa-#{provider.downcase}") + 'Verified'
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