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If you have something like:

val myStuff = Array(Person("joe",40), Person("mary", 35))

How do you create an XML value with that data as nodes? I know how to use { braces } in an XML expression to put a value, but this is a collection of values. Do I need to iterate explicitly or is there something better?

val myXml = <people>{ /* what here?! */ }</people>

The resulting value should be something like:

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As it's a functional programming language is probably what you're looking for:

class Person(name : String, age : Int){
    def toXml() = <person><name>{ name }</name><age>{ age }</age></person>;

object xml {
    val people = List(
    	new Person("Alice", 16),
    	new Person("Bob", 64)

    val data = <people>{ => p.toXml()) }</people>;

    def main(args : Array[String]){

Results in:

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For completeness, you can also use for..yield (or function calls):

import scala.xml

case class Person(val name: String, val age: Int) {
  def toXml(): xml.Elem =
    <person><name>{ name }</name><age>{ age }</age></person>

def peopleToXml(people: List[Person]): xml.Elem = {
    for {person <- people if person.age > 39}
      yield person.toXml

val data = List(Person("joe",40),Person("mary", 35))

(fixed error noted by Woody Folsom)

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What is the advantage of this approach? I'm trying to learn more about Scala and I'm curious. – ScArcher2 Feb 3 '11 at 16:20
It's just a different syntax. In my code I usually use map() instead like in Aaron Maenpaa answer. – hishadow Feb 7 '11 at 18:37

Actually, the line yield person.toXml() does not compile for me, but yield person.toXml (without the parentheses) does. The original version complains of 'overloaded method value apply' even if I change the def of 'ToXml' to explicitly return a scala.xml.Elem

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I didn't get any error in the interpreter, but maybe it's because I forgot the set the return type in toXml() so that is somehow became Unit instead. Also, I've removed a erroneous semicolon in the toXml body too. :) – hishadow Dec 17 '08 at 11:39

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