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When a POST request succeeds, the request is redirected as follows.

private String message; //Getter and setter.

//Required validators.
@Action(value = "AddUpadteCategory",
    results = {
        @Result(name=ActionSupport.SUCCESS, type="redirectAction", params={"namespace", "/admin_side", "actionName", "Category", "currentPage", "${currentPage}", "message", "${message}", "status", "${status}"}),
        @Result(name = ActionSupport.INPUT, location = "Category.jsp")},
        @InterceptorRef(value="defaultStack", params={"params.acceptParamNames", "catId, catName, currentPage, rowCount, totalPages, status", "validation.validateAnnotatedMethodOnly", "true"})
public String insertOrUpdate()
    if(true)  //Some conditional check.

    return ActionSupport.SUCCESS;

This message is supplied as a query-string parameter, if no validation/conversion errors occur.

Sometimes, this message could be long forming a long URL string.

Is there a way to get this message without passing it as a query-string parameter, while using a redirect action?

Storing this message into a session could not be an alternative.

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Use store interceptor and set its operationMode parameter on AUTOMATIC as follows:

<action name="actionName" class="..." method="...">
    <interceptor-ref name="store">
        <param name="operationMode">AUTOMATIC</param>
    <interceptor-ref name="defaultStack" />
    <result ..../>

It will automatically set your messages in appropriate scope. For redirectAction result it will be session scope but after displaying your messages this interceptor will automatically remove them.

EDIT (Annotation syntax):

        @InterceptorRef(value="store", params={"operationMode", "AUTOMATIC"}),
        @InterceptorRef(value="defaultStack", params={"params.acceptParamNames", "catId, catName, currentPage, rowCount, totalPages, status", "validation.validateAnnotatedMethodOnly", "true"})
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Regarding annotations, it seems it requires class level configurations. –  Tiny Feb 5 at 18:08
Thats true, sorry, I've updated my response. –  Kamil Chaber Feb 5 at 18:21
One additional thing, please : Is it possible to store only those messages which we explicitly add through the addActionMessage() , addActionError() methods (or is it possible to remove specific messages)? (In my case, I always have an error message that appears through out the application. The message is about a security token which is required to be passed as a hidden field but I don't have setters/getters for this field simply because they don't require. the hidden field is directly passed to a security framework - Spring and not Struts). –  Tiny Feb 5 at 18:40
...This always leaves a message quite unnecessarily like Error setting expression '_csrf' with value 'xxx' which I always get while using <s:actionmessage/> on a JSP page in addition to my own message. (Of course, if struts.devMode is set to false then, this message doesn't appear but it requires to be on until the development is finished). –  Tiny Feb 5 at 18:41
For that case, use params interceptor and set the name of this token field in excludeParams parameter. –  Kamil Chaber Feb 5 at 20:56

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