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How to create cdbcriteria fo the query like :

select * from table_name where 'profile_type'='*'OR 'profile_type'=$usertype  AND 'location'='*'OR 'location'=$country
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you can try sth like this:

$criteria = new CDbCriteria;
$criteria->condition  = "(profile_type='*' OR profile_type=:prof ) AND 
                         (location='*' OR  location=:loc ) ";

$criteria->params = array(':prof' => $usertype, ':loc' => $country);

$model = MyModel::model()->findAll($criteria );
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You can directly pass condition as below.

Note: This is one of the method. Not an ultimate solution.

$criteria = new CDbCriteria;
$criteria->condition  = "(profile_type ='*' OR profile_type = $usertype)  AND (location ='*' OR location = $country)";

$model = Model_name::model()->findAll($criteria );
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Dont you think you should wrap the condition in double quotes? –  Let me see Feb 5 at 12:50
@Letmesee Thanks. Updated my code. –  kumar_v Feb 5 at 12:59
+1 now it looks fine :) –  Let me see Feb 5 at 12:59

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