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Is there a way to get SQL Server 2005 to query 3 or more separate Access databases (each returning 1 record) in one SQL statement?

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Yes, but it will require you to create a Linked Server instance for each Access database. See here for details about creating Linked Server instances on SQL Server 2005 to MS Access.

Once you have those in place, you can query SQL Server and it will pass on the queries to the respective Access databases based on using the Linked Server instance notation when specifying tables in your SQL Server queries.

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What you want is a Linked Server for each of the Access databases.

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Just be aware that in SQL 2005 64-bit you won't be querying current versions of Access or Excel through linked servers any time soon.

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Why would that be? Can 64-bit SQL Server not utilize 32-bit components, like Jet/ACE? Do note that Access 2010 will have a 64-bit version, and thus, there is a 64-bit version of the ACE in beta. It's also available separately as a download (though it's still in beta, of course). – David-W-Fenton Jan 29 '10 at 19:48
@David-W-Fenton: Correct, though I'd say the 32-bit components can't provide 64-bit functionality. "Microsoft Jet" just isn't an available option on a 64-bit server. It's nice to hear about the 64-bit version of Access 2010, but I'll remain skeptical until I see it work. – ErikE Jan 30 '10 at 0:08
Other people have used the beta of the 64-bit ACE and seem to be having good results. Yes, it's a beta, but you should give it a try as it might resolve the problems you're having. – David-W-Fenton Jan 30 '10 at 17:24
@David-W-Fenton: Our organization is still on Access 2003. Will the 64-bit ACE drivers work with that? If not, no go. :) – ErikE Feb 1 '10 at 17:43
I'm not sure I understand. The fact that the data tables you are querying are in A2003 format does not in any way preclude using the ACE to work with those databases, as A2003 is a native format for the ACE. Jet/ACE has always been backward-compatible, i.e., later Jet engines can read/write data files in earlier versions. So ACE should have no difficulties with Jet 4.0 data files. – David-W-Fenton Feb 1 '10 at 20:58

Yes, set them up as linked servers using sp_addlinkedserver.

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