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I've been told to use position: relative but when I go to view it in the browser it doesn't show up, please could you tell me why?

Here is my code:


<div id="box"></div>


    position: relative;
    height: 20%;
    width: 20%;
    background: #366;
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Does it show up when you change your div to: <div id="box">&nbsp;</div>? –  Marijke Luttekes Feb 5 at 13:04
What is the parent of the div? Your height / width will be set to 20% of that parent –  putvande Feb 5 at 13:05
If that's the only thing on the page then the page height is 0px. And 20% of 0px is... –  gvee Feb 5 at 13:06

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Just add html, body {height:100%} to your CSS-File.


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Thank you kind sir! @gearsdigital –  xiiJaMiiE Feb 5 at 13:12
Glad it worked for you... –  gearsdigital Feb 5 at 16:59

The problem is with the CSS calculation. By default HTML page has no height. So, your 20% for the height is just 0 as it is relative to HTML which has 0 height.

The option for you is either propose pixel height for #div or give a height to the whole document.

#box {


html,body {
    height: 100%;
/*** Write your css here ***/

Here is a fiddle, http://jsfiddle.net/Pj6Ra/1/

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Or instead of a fixed value, rather use html, body {height:100%}... –  Christoph Feb 5 at 13:20
@Christoph Thanks for the update. Edited the post. –  Script Shiva Feb 5 at 13:34
Setting 100% on the body only won't do anything, because it's context html still has no height. So you need both: html, body {height:100%}. –  Christoph Feb 5 at 14:19
@Christoph Done man. Thanks for the update again. –  Script Shiva Feb 5 at 14:54

Generally, without a parent element with a defined height, a % height will result in 0px. You'll need to use a different height unit, such as px or em. E.g.

#box {

Interestingly, you could use padding-bottom: 20%, although that wouldn't give you the result you expect. The height is then 20% of the width of the viewport, rather than of the height.

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% has no meaning? –  putvande Feb 5 at 13:06
In this context, % height has no context. It would be meaningful if there were a parent element with a set height, but normally that's not the case. –  ralph.m Feb 5 at 13:07
without a parent element - yes –  Mr. iC Feb 5 at 13:07
Okay thank you @ralph.m –  xiiJaMiiE Feb 5 at 13:08

Try this code:


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while this gives a certain height to the div (the line height) this is not the intended 20%. –  Christoph Feb 5 at 13:12

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