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I am returning an array list from my struts2 action class. When I an trying to access that Array list in my JavaScript file through JSON,

I am getting

"Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined".

in below line json.EmpListByOffsetAndLength

See my code below. I want to display data that is in arraylist into the table in my jsp page.

    type : "POST",
    cache : false,
    url : url,
    success : function(json) {
        var table = document.getElementById("tablereload");
        var rowCount = document.getElementById("tablereload").rows.length;

        alert("this is row count" +rowCount);


        $.each(json.EmpListByOffsetAndLength, function(index, value) {
            var row = table.insertRow(rowCount);
            var i = 0;

            for ( var key in value) {
                var val = value[key];

                var cell = row.insertCell(i);

                var div = document.createElement('div'), // create
                // DIV
                // element
                txt = document.createTextNode(val); // create
                // text
                // node

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What does console.log(json.EmpListByOffsetAndLength); show? You need to debug and see what the issue is. – epascarello Feb 5 '14 at 13:17
My first guess would be json doesn't have an EmpListByOffsetAndLength property, possibly due to not being parsed as JSON by jQuery because you haven't declared a dataType in your AJAX request. – Anthony Grist Feb 5 '14 at 13:26

I think you didn't mention the dataType in ajax ...

           success:function(outputdata){ //do somethins
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Can you check if your selector is working properly? I suspect this line does not return a valid object:

var table = document.getElementById("tablereload");
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Try this? You'll need to make sure you use the tbody tag in your table.

var rowCount = document.getElementById('tablereload').getElementsByTagName('tbody')[0].getElementsByTagName('tr').length;

Found here: Counting the number of rows in a table NOT using jquery

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thanks for your help.

Issue is resolved. I actually , my arraylist in Java is EmpListByOffsetAndLength , but in console it is coming up as json object with e mpListByOffsetAndLength i.e. with small 'e' . thats why, when we are running length function over it, it was displaying cnnot read length function for underfined object.

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