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I have cloned a repo that has Yeoman installed.

I installed node, as well as Yeoman npm i -g yo. When I run grunt I get an error stating:

Error: Cannot find module 'load-grunt-tasks' Warning: Task "default" not found. Use --force to continue.

What else do I need to do to be able to run this repo successfully?

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The first time, you have to run npm install.

This will install all the needed dependencies as described in the package.json

Subsequently, if anyone add a new dependency into this file, you will need to run npm install or npm update again.

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I knew it was something simple. Thanks so much Aurélien! – rvazquez Feb 5 '14 at 16:17

Actually besides npm, you should also download bower dependencies.
So it's 2-step:

  • npm install
  • bower install

If you don't invoke bower application may launch, but later you may encounter problems such as the lack of libraries.

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