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I am struggling with Jira REST API authentication via kerberos. Basic authentication works as expected.

If I access the login page with the web browser (after I did kinit) and then use the generated JSESSIONID in my python script, I can use REST without getting 401. But I have no ide how to do that with my python script, I tried to use requests_kerberos, but when I request the login page, it simply returns the basic login form instead of automatic login.

Do you know how to use JIRA REST API with kerberos authentication?

Thanks for you answers.

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After a day of struggle I finally figured it out.

First you have to send an HTTP GET request to ${jira-url}/step-auth-gss:

r = requests.get("", auth=requests_kerberos.HTTPKerberosAuth())

Then you get the JSESSIONID from the cookie header and you can REST away:

rd = requests.get(url, headers={"Cookie": "JSESSIONID=%s" % r.cookies['JSESSIONID']})
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What JIRA Kerberos plugin are you using for this? Or should this work out-of-the-box? – Xabs Mar 11 at 16:26
I get 404 when I go to set-auth-gss on my Jira. Do I need to enable anything to make this URL work? – m-sharp May 24 at 22:31

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