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I've been searching for long and can't manage to find a solution for this for YUI 3.14.1, i only found one for 2.8 http://www.yuiblog.com/blog/2010/03/17/using-nested-datatables-for-row-expansion/.

My code so far is the following, i manage to get a nested row, with some very simple data. But i want to nest a second table with data that I'll get later. If somebody has any solutions will greatly appreciate.

PS:sorry for the PhP in the middle of the JavaScript but the data was coming provided this way.


gallery: 'gallery-2013.06.26-23-09',
logInclude: { TestRunner: true }
}).use('plugin','gallery-datatable-row-expansion','node-event-delegate', 'event-    key',"datatable-sort","datatype-date","datatable", function (Y) {

     var JsKeys= <?php echo json_encode($keys ); ?>;
     var data= <?php echo json_encode($datatable['data']); ?>;
     var JsLabels =  <?php echo json_encode($datatable['labels'])?>;

function formatDates(o) {
return o.value && Y.DataType.Date.format(o.value, { format:o.record.get('date_format') });

function formatDate(cell) {
return Y.DataType.Date.format(cell.value, { format: cell.record.get('date_format') });

// Data with less user friendly field names
// This loop is used to format the data into values understandable for the table
// from [[Object],[Object],...] => [Object,Object,....]
var data2 = new Array();

for(var index = 0;index<data.length;index++){
data2 = data2.concat(data[index]);

 // Column definitions that use configured header labels, abbrs.
// Use "key" to identify which data field has its content.
var columnDef = new Array();

if( <?php echo isset($datatable['detail_id']); ?> ){
    var columnDefAux = { key: Y.Plugin.DataTableRowExpansion.column_key,
        //allowHTML:  true, // to avoid HTML escaping
        label:' '


    columnDef = columnDef.concat(columnDefAux);


var sortableColumns = new Array();;
for(var index = 0;index<JsKeys.length;index++){
    var columnDefAux = {};


columnDef = columnDef.concat(columnDefAux);
sortableColumns = sortableColumns.concat(columnDefAux["key"]=JsKeys[index]);

var masterTable = new Y.DataTable({
    columns: columnDef,
    data   : data2,
    sortable: sortableColumns,


    uniqueIdKey: 'id',
    template: function(data2)
        return Y.Lang.sub('Author: {author}',
            author: data2.registered



Y.delegate("click", function () {

    var teste = this.get('id');


    /* this.get('contentBox')
    .one('.protocol-select-all').set('checked', false);*/
}, Y.config.doc, ".expand");


UPDATE:I've read in some website that YUI3 doesnt support nativly nested tables as 2.8 did. So i simply used plain javascript to get the job done.

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