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Is it possible to run multiple instances of Rserve on one server at the same time?

For example 10 instances meaning 10 separate R workspaces listening on different ports via Rserve on the same machine?

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Answer is yes, if it is Unix/Linux. Answer is no, if it is Windows. More can be found here http://www.ci.tuwien.ac.at/Conferences/DSC-2003/Proceedings/Urbanek.pdf, page 2 says it explicitly.

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Suppose I have an R session running on the web and in that session I have a dataframe "sample_data". Now I want to call another function in a new browser window which will transform a particular variable in the 'sample_data' into a new variable.My question is how will I retain 'sample_data' so that it can be used in a new R session ? I am using Rserve –  darkage May 5 at 9:18

In the same document specified by @Oleksandr, it clearly states on page 5-6, that in Windows, there is an alternative solution:

Don't run 1 Rserve process, but start multiple Rserve processes, each on a different port (which can be easily specified in the rserve command). Each Rserve process has its own environement. Connect 1 thread of your application with 1 unique Rserve connection: Then you can exploit parallellism from within your application.

So the answer to your question is: Yes, you can.

I've tested this with a C# application, and it works. You can use libraries like this: https://github.com/kent37/RserveCLI2

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