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I have my main site on a GoDaddy linux hosting platform (the new ones with cPanel). For this site, I have a "shared" IP address, let's say mydomain.com on

I also have an old domain on another hosting company (mydomain.net) that I cannot migrate to GoDaddy at this time, due to internal mail servers, etc.

Question: If I change the DNS zone file for the old .net domain to point to GoDaddy, is there a way to use Redirects or similar to route this to my main site?

In other words, can I do this routing without paying GoDaddy for a static private IP address? When I go directly to from my browser, it (of course) doesn't go to my main site.

Thanks for your support - haven't had luck with GoDaddy's reps understanding me - usually they are good for most issues, but this isn't one of them.

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On a shared IP the GoDaddy server needs to know how to map the host name to an account so you cannot do this seamlessly without there assistance. Look at their domain aliasing options support.godaddy.com/help/article/8342/… –  Alex K. Feb 5 at 15:21
Once you point the DNS name to clients will connect to the that "shared" ip. As long as there is a Virtual host on the address, you're done. –  Elliott Frisch Feb 5 at 15:50

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