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Just a question for the experienced programmers.

I'm creating a scheduling software.

I have a start date and a number of days it takes to complete the task and I want to calculate the end date.

Easy enough.

However, I want to subtract weekends and holidays.

My instinct is to have two lists, one of days that have passed and one for the weekends/holidays to skip, and for each day that passes check to see if it's a holiday or a weekend and skip it.

But that seems like it would scale exponentially.

Wondering how an experienced programmer would implement this.

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looks a lot like this… and I think I'd give you the same answer. Joda Time and there's no simple path ;-) – Leo Feb 5 '14 at 15:19
but it seems that basically, what you need is a table of holidays and a function that returns, given a date range, how many weekends (any calendar / joda will give you that) and holidays (your hand-made table of holidays) are in there :-) – Leo Feb 5 '14 at 15:24
It doesn't scale exponentially it looks like O(N*M) - for each of N work days to be done, you need to check if the date of the date is on a list of M holidays. I think with little tweaks it can be brought to be O(N^2) or maybe O(N) practically. – luk32 Feb 5 '14 at 15:24


We have list of Holiday in a table.
We have start date.
we have number of days to complete task.

Initialize counter to 0
Loop counter till no of days to complete is reached
   1. Increment start date with one.
   2. Skip 4 if it belongs to Holiday.
   3. Skip 4 if it is weekend.
   4. increment the counter
Print start date as End date
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