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We are using DNN 6.2 with form authentication, we have a requirement like we need authenticate using external cookie instead of form authentication cookie. But all the existing user and their profiles are already available in DNN.

Please share any inputs.

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You need to implement a new login module copying the existing one, and at the top of login event just check cookie and do FormsAuthentication.SetAuthenticationCookie(username) and you are done!

You need to re-think in terms of security and make sure you want to do it. Instead of using cookie, you can do a url login where you have to do following: Generate a url like /yourpage.aspx?user={bacd}&signature={hashcode of secret+username}

In yourpage.aspx you need to regenerate the signature using secret+username and match it, if it matches, just do FormsAuthentication.SetAuthenticationCookie(username) and redirect to appropriate page.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for your reply. But why we go with external cookie is we need to do like SSO authentication between another site which runs in PHP. If we click a link from PHP site, without (username, pwd - login page) we need to login in our DNN site. –  Venkat Feb 6 at 5:06

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