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I have developed a webrtc based video chat using peerjs. The solution is working fine but some users are facing problem to establish the call. I guess it is due to NAT and firewall issues.

I have user peerjs as :

var peer = new Peer({host: myserver.com], port: 9000, debug: true});

I have changed the code to [passed google stun] as seen here : https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/peerjs/JzIr7INoTbQ/IIykVNHiv_sJ

Still the same issue. Some user can not connect to peer id. Am I doing something wrong?

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You need to additionally add a TURN server along with the STUN server addr details you have mentioned. For additional TURN or STUN server info, you can refer https://gist.github.com/yetithefoot/7592580

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