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In vim I want to search for a word "var" that does not begin with a $.

I tried this, but it just matches the "var" in "$var" I want to only match "var" if it doesn't begin with a $:


I think I need to do something like if $ not immediately to the left of word "var" because the word boundary doesn't include the $ right?

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this does what you want


if you love negative look-behind:


:h \zs
:h \@<!

will give you detailed explaination.

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Cool! What is [^$]\zs doing exactly? –  red888 Feb 5 '14 at 16:16

The two solutions in @Kent's answer are not equivalent. Try them on this sample text:

foo var
foo $var

I suggest using @Kent's second solution, although you do not need to escape the $:


@Kent already gave you a link to answer half of your follow-up question (in the comments). For the other half, read

:help /[]
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