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I'm developing the server-side of an app that uses BreezeJS on the front end to manage the model interactions. The server-side platform is ColdFusion, which doesn't have built-in EF or OData support so I am writing the server interface to produce/consume the metadata as used by the default webapi adapter.

Currently I am prototyping this using the sample AngularJS ToDo app from the BreezeJS download. So far I am able to fetch the metadata, query the model and even save changes to the server (using the sample app's js code), however when the EntityManager.saveChanges() method is fired I get this error:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'Errors' of null in the breeze.debug.js file during the "success" method of the ajax post in the ctor.prototype.saveChanges method. Apparently the server is required to return some data after save. So what is the data that needs to come back from the server? If I return the saved entities in the same format as was posted I get the following error:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'map' of undefined

The error occurs in the breeze.debug.js file when calling the method: ctor.prototype._prepareSaveResult.

I'm surely missing some document that explains this, so if you could point me in the right direction that would be great too.

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The save result is an object with three properties.

  • Entities: An array of entities that were sent to the server, with their values updated by the server. For example, temporary ID values get replaced by server-generated IDs.
  • KeyMappings: An array of objects that tell Breeze which temporary IDs were replaced with which server-generated IDs. Each object has an EntityTypeName, TempValue, and RealValue.
  • Errors: An array of EntityError objects, indicating validation errors that were found on the server. This will be null if there were no errors. Each object has an ErrorName, EntityTypeName, KeyValues array, PropertyName, and ErrorMessage.

All of the property names in the save result are case sensitive.

Here's an example of what a save result might look like when saving a single Order object. Notice that the Order contains a $type property so Breeze can match it up with its client-side metadata. Also notice that the KeyMappings shows that the Order's temporary key -1 was replaced with its server-generated value 262013.


Kudos to you for building your own server backend for Breeze.

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Thanks for the excelent answer @Steve! I'm that much closer now :). Unfortunately the native ColdFusion JSON serializer doesn't handle null values (treats them as strings) and when I return the struct per your example with "Errors":"null" it tries to run the error handler and fails saying the object has no method 'map'. Passing an empty array doesn't error, but causes the fail callback to run. I can write my own serializer, but if that can be avoided I'd rather go that route. Any suggestions on that front? –  Abram Feb 5 at 21:03
You can leave the Errors property out entirely - for a successful save, only the Entities and KeyMappings are needed. If necessary, create two separate types of objects, one that has an Errors property and one that does not. –  Steve Schmitt Feb 6 at 0:43
Brilliant! Thanks for your help Steve. By removing the Errors array when there are no errors I am fully operational (as far as the Todo sample)! –  Abram Feb 6 at 6:37
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