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I am testing a android phone gap application developed using Angular JS Single Page Application Framework. I am trying to test the memory utilization of the application and If there are any leaks.

I run the application in Android device and took heap snapshots and trying to see the objects memory footprint. But I could not see any of my user defined JavaScript object names.

I went though many links on Angular JS memory utilization and leaks like,

Angular JS ng-repeat consumes more browser memory

Angular JS Scaling & Performance

My question is

  1. In eclipse heap snapshots what details I get, is it really helpful to analyze the Angular JS based phonegap application ? will JavaScript objects appear in DDMS snapshots ?

  2. If I use Chrome debugging tool with batarang extension, what should I look for in the heap snapshots ? If android native application, we look for the class names in the application package. Similarly for Angular js phonegap application, what should i look for ? Should I see the controller names or the function names in javascripts or the DOM nodes or the Scope object and see what is the memory size ?

Any pointers on understanding angular js memory utilization pattern will be helpful.

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