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I want to extract rotated object inside an image. my image is detected using surf algorithm, it gives me 4 points which are the coordinates of the detected object.

Now I have used those points to extract my rotated image, but it gives me wrong output, this is my code.

Image imgGray = imgExtractPaper.Convert(); Bitmap bmp = imgGray.ToBitmap();

        Graphics grpExtract;

        rectPaper.X = topLeft.X;
        rectPaper.Y = topLeft.Y;
        rectPaper.Height = (int)heightPaper;
        rectPaper.Width = (int)widthPaper;
        extractedPaper = new Bitmap(imgExtractPaper.Width, imgExtractPaper.Height);

        grpExtract = Graphics.FromImage(extractedPaper);
        //grpExtract.TranslateTransform(bmQp.Width / 2.0f, bmp.Height / 2.0f);
        //grpExtract.TranslateTransform(-bmp.Width / 2.0f, -bmp.Height / 2.0f);
        grpExtract.DrawImage(bmp, 0, 0);

        rotatedPaper = new Bitmap((int)widthPaper, (int)heightPaper);
        grpExtract = Graphics.FromImage(rotatedPaper);
        grpExtract.DrawImage(extractedPaper, 0, 0, rectPaper, GraphicsUnit.Pixel);

some of the edges are cut off and turned into black.

I saw warpaffine and rotationmatrix2d, but I don't have any idea how to implement it. I only know that they are both needed, please help me on how to use it, i keep searching for examples but there are only opencv and is warpaffine only for opencv?. thanks

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