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i have problem, array_diff in this code didn't working and return empty array

for ($baris = 0; $baris < count($ala[0]); $baris++) {
    $satu[]= $ala[0][$baris];
    $dua[]= $ala[1][$baris];    

for ($baris=0; $baris < $jumlah ; $baris++) { 
    $satusatu[] = $ala[0][$baris];
    $duadua[] = $ala[1][$baris];     

$z = array_diff($satu, $satusatu);

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Please include your source arrays data ($ala)... – MarcoS Feb 5 '14 at 16:47

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Looks like count($ala[0]) == $jumlah so the loops run the same iterations and you are doing the exact same assignment to the two arrays so there is no difference (empty array):

$satu[]= $ala[0][$baris];
//same as
$satusatu[] = $ala[0][$baris];
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array_diff (see here) returns an empty array if the compared arrays are equal...

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First echo $satu and $satusatu before array_diff line.

This is how u need to debug

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If this is your entire PHP code, then you are defining $satu inside your for loop, which means that - because of how variable scope works in PHP - $satu does not exist outside of the for loop. The same is true for $satusatu. Both of these arrays, when you attempt to reference them when calling array_diff are empty arrays since they have fallen out of scope. And so, when you call array_diff on these two arrays, the result will be that there is no difference between the two.

More information on variable scope in PHP can be found here .

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