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Let's say I have a simple fixture like the following (using pytest-django, but I think it should apply to pytest as well):

def my_thing(request, db):
    thing = MyModel.objects.create()
    request.addfinalizer(lambda: thing.delete())
    return thing

This works great when my tests need a single instance of MyModel. But what about if I need two (or three or four)? I want each instance to be distinct, but to be set up in the same way.

I could copy/paste the code and rename the fixture function, but that seems inelegant.

Similarly, I have tried:

def my_thing_1(my_thing):
    return my_thing

def my_thing_2(my_thing):
    return my_thing

However, each of these appears to return the same instance of MyModel.

Is there a way to do what I want using pytest's built-in functionality? Alternately, I could move the setup/teardown of my fixture out into helper functions so I'm not duplicating too much code.

Or am I going about this whole thing the wrong way?

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My approach would probably to create a fixture which can generate your objects:

def thing(request, db):
    class ThingFactory(object):
        def get(self):
            thing = MyModel.objects.create()
            return thing
    return ThingFactory()

def test_thing(thing):
    thing1 = thing.get()
    thing2 = thing.get()

Obviously you can make .get() take an argument etc.

(PS: Also note there's no need for the lambda in the finalizer)

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1) Good call on not needing lambda in the finalizer. 2) I like your approach. I'm actually using Factory Boy to create these models, so I think ideally I wouldn't even need to create factory fixtures for each model. But I'm having trouble subclassing ModelFactory to recursively add finalizers for SubFactories, so I think I'll use your approach as a stop gap. Thanks! –  Frank T Feb 7 '14 at 14:56
For future reference, the only reason I was using finalizers was because pytest-django wasn't cleaning the database in between tests because it does not support multiple databases (see also github.com/pelme/pytest_django/issues/76). For the type of problem I describe above, I wholeheartedly recommend using FactoryBoy with pytest-django. –  Frank T Mar 21 '14 at 0:18

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