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I have a macro that will move data from a "source" document into a "destination" document. I want the user to be able to choose which of the already-open documents should be the source, and which should be the destination.

If I used an InputBox for each stage, the user would have to type the name of the file exactly, and sometimes those names are long. I'd prefer to display a dialog or list of the open documents and let the user select one as the source, then display another dialog to select the destination.

Any ideas how to do that?

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You may look to create a simple userform with a dropdown, which can be populated with list of required file names. –  Pankaj Jaju Feb 5 at 17:54

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Pankaj, when I saw your comment and thought about looping through the open documents to populate the userbox, I realized I could populate the InputBox with the list of documents and have the user choose them by number:

' Make list of open Documents
For i = 1 To Documents.Count
    s = s & vbCr & i & " " & Documents(i).Name
Next i

Set SourceDoc = Documents(Val(InputBox("Choose Source Document: " & s))) ' User enters number of desired doc
Set DestinationDoc = Documents(Val(InputBox("Choose Destination Document: " & s))) ' User enters number of desired doc


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