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I experience one weird problem.

I use Delphi and Indy to upload and backup some files. It runs just fine on many computers (Win7 64bit, WinXP) . CPU usage is less then 1% and max. 20MB in RAM.

But there is one computer (Win 2008) where it is problematic and I can't find out why. CPU usage is 5-20%, it takes 100MB+ in RAM and it increases a lot. Furthemore "page fault" rises a lot, eg. 100 000 every second (not increasing on my computer)

Code is very simple

procedure SendFile;
  IdPostData: TIdMultiPartFormDataStream;
  sResponse: string;
    IdHTTP := TIdHTTP.Create(nil);
    IdPostData.AddFile('C:\data.dat', 'data.dat', '');

    IdHTTP.Post('http://www.yahoo.com', IdPostData);


Does anybody have any idea why "page fault" increases that a lot? Is it possible that there is some hardware issue? How to find it?

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Maybe a silly suggestion but the first place I would start looking at with a problem like this is the antivirus and potentially any viruses on the PC. –  Graymatter Feb 5 at 19:08
Page Faults generally mean that reserved but uncommitted memory is being accessed so the OS has to commit the memory for use. The OS uses that for dynamically growing a thread's available stack space, for instance. But that would only apply for large amounts of stack usage (the default min stack size is 1MB and the default max size is 4MB), but most things in Delphi use heap memory instead of stack memory. And there should definitely not be 100+ MB of memory being used. That suggests a leak/fragmentation is occurring, but nothing in the code you showed would cause that. –  Remy Lebeau Feb 5 at 19:18
Is it possible that some specific hardware malfunction would cause that? Does OS report it anywhere? –  smooty86 Feb 5 at 20:12
I would transmit the file with no file extension then do a rename when the transmission is complete. It might be some shadow-backup service or restore-point-creating shananigans! –  Sam Feb 6 at 9:27
I tried a file without extension, no change. Furthemore, when I use larger upload buffer size, it goes crazy much faster. var FStack: TIdIOHandlerStack; FHTTP.IOHandler:=FStack; FStack.SendBufferSize:=512*1024; //512kB buffer Every second +10MB in RAM –  smooty86 Feb 6 at 15:17

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just put "IdHttp := nil; IdPostData:=nil; sResponse := 'Ok'; " before "try" clause and try again

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