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I am trying make ODBC connection using Xampp. When i run apache2.4 as service it runs with local user credentials and it shows access denied error. But when i run Xampp as admin and start it manually it works fine. So my question is how do i run apache2.4 service as administrator. P.S. I am using Windows 7.

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Bring up the Services (services.msc) application. Find the Apache service and double click it.

Click "Log On" tab and click "This account:" and enter the credentials for your Administrator account.

Alternatively Do the above but rather than the "Log On" tab, grab the Path to the executable: and navigate to its folder using Windows Explorer and right-click on the executable and click Properties and click Compatibility.

Make sure "Run this program as an administrator" is ticked and click OK.

You should be good to go!

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