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I am having a problem with angular custom directives.


app.directive('myElement', function () {
    return {
        scope: {
          item: '=i'
        restrict: 'EA',
        replace: false,
        template: '<td>Name: {{ item.name }}</td> <td>Age: {{ item.age }}</td>'


  <div ng-controller="MyCtrl">
<table class="table table-hover" border=1>
    <tr ng-repeat="p in people">
      <td my-element i="p"></td>

This template is not rendering as 2 "TD" tags it is only rendering the "TD my-element" from the html with binded data inside.

If I change the template to

template: '<div>Name: {{ item.name }}</div> <div>Age: {{ item.age }}</div>'

The page renders with 2 div "DIV" inside the "TD my-element"

If I make replace=false everything goes away.

Why is the TD acting different than the DIV


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because you have replace false, it puts the template inside the container element. You can't have two <td>s inside a <td>, that's just invalid markup. But you can have two <divs> inside a <td>.

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Well my face is red. Thanks, I had a thought about that at one point but got focused on the wrong part. –  wnordmann Feb 6 at 1:59

Try adding it as follow ..

template: '<table><tr><td>Name: {{ item.name }}</td> <td>Age: {{ item.age }}</td></tr></table>'
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Yea, this would put an entire table inside the <td> which is weird and probably a lot less efficient than just using <divs> or something. –  Jonathan Rowny Feb 5 at 20:10
This moves the ng-repeat inside the template, which isn't really what I wanted. –  wnordmann Feb 6 at 2:01

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