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I am running Postgres 9.1 and have a master table (returns.msf_mse) with 30 empty columns and 30 additional temporary tables (temp23_01 - temp23_30). I want to populate each of the empty columns in the master table with the data from a particular column from each temporary table. The relevant column in each temporary table is always cumret_past.

I have tried to create a stored procedure/function to achieve this and have been getting nowhere. I have also tried to loop over the update statement but can not get it to work. My base query is:

update returns.msf_mse as a
set cumret_past_23_01 = b.cumret_past  
from temp23_01 as b
where =
and a.permno = b.permno;

I simply want to run this statement 30 times, incrementing cumret_past_23_i and temp23_i each time.

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Welcome to SO. It's a decent question. Got job for a first post. :) – Erwin Brandstetter Feb 5 '14 at 19:54
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You could use a DO statement (pg 9.0+) with EXECUTE to loop through all tables:


FOR i IN 1..30 LOOP
    UPDATE returns.msf_mse a
    SET    cumret_past_23_' || to_char(i, 'FM00') || ' = b.cumret_past  
    FROM   temp23_' || to_char(i, 'FM00') || ' b
    WHERE =
    AND    a.permno = b.permno';


Pay attention to the leading space when formatting the number with to_char(). I use the FM modifier to get rid of it.

Aside: I wouldn't use date as column name, it easily conflicts with the base type or the function of the same name.

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Thanks Erwin. This is a huge help! – user2845013 Feb 5 '14 at 20:21

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