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I am converting my code to angular and I need help with creating a directive. I am trying to convert the following

jQuery(document).ready(function ($) {
"use strict";

$('#cool-navigation').append('<ul class="navigation">' + $('.navigation').html() + '</ul>');


app.directive('coolnavigation', function () {
    return { template: '<ul class="navigation">' + $('.navigation').html() + '</ul>' };

This is the HTML. The first view is the shell and the second is called topnav

<section data-cc-sizer data-ng-controller="shell as vm">

<!-- Sticky Nav -->
<div data-coolnavigation class="sticky-navigation" id="sticky-navigation"></div>
<!-- Sticky Nav -->

<div id="wrapper">
    <div class="top_wrapper clearfix">
        <header class="top-header shadow">
            <div data-ng-include="'/app/layout/topnav.html'"></div>
<section id="content">
    <div id="wrapper" data-ng-view></div>

<section  data-cc-topnav data-ng-controller="topnav as vm">

<div class="container">
    <div class="row header">
        <div class="col-class">
                <ul class="navigation">
                    <li data-ng-repeat="r in vm.navRoutes">
                        <a href="#{{r.url}}" class="{{r.className}}" data-ng-bind-html="r.config.settings.content"></a>



I think I am missing something with the .html(). Can someone help me figure this out?


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$('.navigation') looks for an element in the DOM with class navigation. It seems you're calling it before the element is actually there? –  Sergio A. Feb 5 '14 at 20:32
You could be right. I am getting an "undefined" when it comes up. Any suggestions on creating an angular equivalent to the jquery on the top? –  MrTouya Feb 5 '14 at 20:38
can you show us the html that you try to transform? –  michael Feb 5 '14 at 20:42
ok, you may put the li's with data-ng-repeat in your template string. is there a special reason why you not write the ul class navigation as a child of the div with data-coolnavigation ? –  michael Feb 5 '14 at 21:12

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You refer to $('.navigation') in your template which is a HTML block with some Angular code inside. Your template has no guarantee that Angular has rendered that bit yet, that's why we use directives in the first place. That's why $('.navigation') is empty. If you're trying to convert this from jQuery, then stop using jQuery.

A directive has a link function which happens after compiling. Think of the link function like document.ready in jQuery, but for a specific element or directive. Of course you're trying to refer to a completely different element so you won't know when that's done. That points to a larger problem... why are you trying to copy the DOM from one structure to another? Just put that DOM in your template and call it a day.

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I tried that. It did not work. –  MrTouya Feb 5 '14 at 21:42
app.directive('coolnavigation', function() { var directive = { link: link, restrict: 'A' }; return directive; function link(scope, element, attrs) { element.append('<ul class="navigation">' + $('.navigation').html() + '</ul>'); } }); –  MrTouya Feb 5 '14 at 21:43
Like I said, that's because you're trying to grab something from another location in the DOM. Your directive would need to be on a parent to garauntee compilation. REMOVE the jQuery, just put <li data-ng-repeat="r in vm.navRoutes"> <a href="#{{r.url}}" class="{{r.className}}" data-ng-bind-html="r.config.settings.content"></a> </li> in your template and call it day. –  Jonathan Rowny Feb 5 '14 at 21:44
Ok. Let me try it out. –  MrTouya Feb 5 '14 at 22:01
You were 100% right!!! Thanks for the lesson :-) –  MrTouya Feb 5 '14 at 22:47

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