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Currently I integrated google plus in android. But it works using native google plus app. I used this to create a sample project. https://developers.google.com/+/quickstart/android

But I want to let user login using WebView and not the google plus native app. Is there a way to user do google+ integration in WebView in android ?

Thanks In advance.

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Yes, you'll essentially need to grab an access token that you can use to perform authenticated actions on behalf of the user.

For a purely client-side flow, you have three options:

  • HTML button
  • Button rendered with JavaScript
  • Initiate the sign-in flow with JavaScript

For detailed web guides about these and other flows involving servers, checkout Google's web sign-in help page.

There is also a nice basic tutorial for Google+ sign-in via Android WebView by Ian Barber.

If you need to use more Google+ functionality beyond login, consider looking up the Google+ JavaScript API.

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