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Built a python web-app using flask frame work and with blueprints . Used flask-bone as template.

The web-app is installed on clients box (linux) and apache mod_wsgi configured to run the flask app (/var/www/flaskapp).

I have a settings screen in the web-app, where the user can upload a new version of the web-app as a encrypted tar file (gpg). The clients boxes are already configured with my public key.

the file upload method in the views.py, uses gpg to decrypt, and untars to web-app folder to over write (/var/www/flaskapp).

Question: do i need to run fab setup every time a new tar file is uploaded ? or is there a way to upgrade the flask app using a packed zip (egg) ?

appreciate your responses..

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That depends - what does fab setup do? Will you be adding new dependencies that might fail to download and install? Do you want to be able to upgrade your WSGI file? –  Sean Vieira Feb 6 '14 at 3:12
fab setup (creates a virtualenv and downloads dependencies based on setup.py), dont need to upgrade the wsgi file. –  Satish Feb 6 '14 at 12:57

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