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Let me preface by saying I am sure I am doing a lot wrong here. I am trying to write a silly mad libs type program where a user can alter the recipe. First I have the following method to create the mad lib.

def madlib_recipe
    recipe = "recipe text"

    #tag words  
    tagger = EngTagger.new
    recipe = tagger.add_tags(recipe, true)

    #create for textboxes
    recipe = recipe.split(".")
    recipe.map! do |sentence|
        size = sentence.size
        sentence = sentence.split(" ").map! do |word| 
                                          word.size.odd? && word.size<40  && word.include?        ('punctuation') == false && word.include?('determiner') == false ?
                          word = "<input type='text' size='#{word[/<.+?>/].size}'' name='text#{i}' style='border:1px dotted gray;' placeholder='#{word[/<.+?>/]}'>" : word

        sentence = sentence.join(" ")

Then I have the following route with an erb view:

get '/nine' do
    @name = 'DIY'
    @content = madlib_recipe

    erb :dyi

in the :dyi view I have with the following hidden input:

<div text-align:justify;><%=@content%></div>
<input type ='hidden' name='recipe' value= <%=@content"%>>

Everything works fine except for the fact that the hidden input shows the contents of the @content instance variable, and when I parse the parameters on the post route the @contents value does not show. Being a neophyte I am sure I am make all sorts of terrible decisions here and I look forward to being corrected.

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Is madlib_recipe inside a helpers block? –  iain Feb 5 at 23:31
What’s with all the # characters around your <s and >s? Did you add them just to get them to show up in the question? –  matt Feb 5 at 23:53
Yes added # character so <> would show up. And iain yes, mad lib_recipe is in a helpers block. –  user3277225 Feb 6 at 21:16
If I understand correctly, the problem happens later, when you submit a form on the generated HTML page to another route (post '/something' do...). In which case you should start by showing the generated HTML, at least the part with the form. –  user846250 Feb 7 at 4:43
I fixed the problem by using <input type ="hidden" name="recipe" value=<%="\"#{@recipe}\""%>> –  user3277225 Feb 10 at 20:20

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