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I'm new to Spring Social and I'm writing a Spring MVC application which users should use for, let's say, tweet, follow/unfollow users. So far I can do everything I want with my own credentials (stored in a property file) using the TwitterTemplate.

I need the application to do the same on behalf of other users (authenticating them when registering in my application).

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You probably want to look at this part of Spring Social reference document as an entry point. I have experienced it with facebook and linked in and it works pretty well to store connections credentials in a database.

You also want to make sure I guess that you do not use the ProviderSignInController highlighted in some of the code samples which is designed for using the social provider as an authentication infrastructure for a web application but a ConnectController which has proved to be efficient in offline access cases. See section 4 of the spring social reference documentation.

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