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I've been working on an Azure app, and added in a WCF service (something I've done successfully before).

It works fine in the stand-alone application (running in Cassini), but throws a 500.0 error when I try to call it in the AppFabric. I tried publishing it to Azure and hoping for the best, but it then throws a 404 error.

I've set the bindings to basicHttpBinding, no joy. To get round this, I've created a seperate WCF Web Role, which works OK, but I get firewall problems on some machines because it runs on port 8080.

I'm guessing it's something to do with the web.config - I saw a reference that adding <validation validateIntegratedModeConfiguration="false"/> to <system.webServer> might fix it, but it was already present.

The "detailed error info" on the page is: Module IsapiModule Notification ExecuteRequestHandler Handler svcHandler Error Code 0x800700c1

Any ideas? I'm baffled!



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Did you have a look at the WCF Azure Known Issues Page? Make sure that you can exclude anything that is listed there, this page already helped me twice.

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