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After spending this whole day trying to get a simple PHP upload script to work I believe I have messed up the file permissions/users etc up to the point where I don't know what is right. After doing so it will still list all the correct files however the link no longer points to the specified directory, but to the current directory. It will also no longer list the correct last modified date. I believe it may be a file/folder permission issue? I had to change the uploads folder to www-data:www-data to get the upload function to work.

How do I correct this so it links to the correct directory and displays the correct date. I believe the problem for them is one in the same.

<table class="sortable">
      <th>Date Modified</th>
    // Opens directory

    // set forbidden files
        $forbiddenExts = array("php", "ico", "html","css");

    // Gets each entry
   while($entryName = readdir($myDirectory)) { 
  $exts = explode(".", $entryName);
   if(!in_array($exts[1],$forbiddenExts)) { 
    $dirArray[] = $entryName;

    // Finds extensions of files
    function findexts ($filename) {
      $exts=split("[/\\.]", $filename);
      return $exts;

    // Closes directory

    // Counts elements in array

    // Sorts files

    // Loops through the array of files
    for($index=0; $index < $indexCount; $index++) {

      // Allows ./?hidden to show hidden files
      if(substr("$dirArray[$index]", 0, 1) != $hide) {

      // Gets File Names

      // Gets Extensions 

      // Gets file size 

      // Gets Date Modified Data
      $modtime=date("M j Y g:i A", filemtime($dirArray[$index]));
      $timekey=date("YmdHis", filemtime($dirArray[$index]));

      // Prettifies File Types, add more to suit your needs.
      switch ($extn){
        case "png": $extn="PNG Image"; break;
        case "jpg": $extn="JPEG Image"; break;
        case "svg": $extn="SVG Image"; break;
        case "gif": $extn="GIF Image"; break;
        case "ico": $extn="Windows Icon"; break;

        case "txt": $extn="Text File"; break;
        case "log": $extn="Log File"; break;
        case "htm": $extn="HTML File"; break;
        case "php": $extn="PHP Script"; break;
        case "js": $extn="Javascript"; break;
        case "css": $extn="Stylesheet"; break;
        case "pdf": $extn="PDF Document"; break;

        case "zip": $extn="ZIP Archive"; break;
        case "bak": $extn="Backup File"; break;

        default: $extn=strtoupper($extn)." File"; break;

      // Separates directories
      if(is_dir($dirArray[$index])) {
      } else {

      // Cleans up . and .. directories 
      if($name=="."){$name=". (Current Directory)"; $extn="&lt;System Dir&gt;";}
      if($name==".."){$name=".. (Parent Directory)"; $extn="&lt;System Dir&gt;";}

      // Print 'em
      <tr class='$class'>
        <td><a href='/$namehref'>$name</a></td>
        <td sorttable_customkey='$timekey'>$modtime</td>

This is what it looks like... I tried changing it to a multitude of things but still nothing.. 4 drwxr-xr-x 2 www-data www-data 4096 Feb 5 18:30 uploads

I am using PHP Version 5.3.10-1ubuntu3.9 on a LAMP stack - Ubuntu Server 12.04.3

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