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If given a REST or SOAP webservices URL, how can we find the method it offers.

For ex: http://ipAddress:port/projectName/services

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Just tack ?wsdl onto the end of the URL. If it returns the XML based WSDL document, then it is a SOAP based service.

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Thanks dmarietta .. How abt the REST ? –  user3131119 Feb 6 at 0:52
Since REST can really be implemented in a wide variety of ways, there is not any one definitive way to say "yes that response is REST". For example, maybe it returns XML data; maybe JSON formatted data; or maybe it just returns an HTTP error code if there are unexpected or missing parameters. –  dmarietta Feb 6 at 1:08
REST services are not self-describing. –  John Saunders Feb 6 at 1:21

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