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How do I use TestNG throw new SkipException() effectively? Does anyone have an example?

I tried throwing this exception at the start of a test method but it blows up the teardown, setup, methods, etc. , and has collateral damage by causing a few (not all) of the subsequent tests to be skipped also, and shows a bunch of garbage on the TestNG HTML report.

I use TestNG to run my unit tests and I already know how to use an option to the @Test annotation to disable a test. I would like my test to show up as "existent" on my report but without counting it in the net result. In other words, it would be nice if there was a @Test annotation option to "skip" a test. This is so that I can mark tests as ignored sortof without having the test disappear from the list of all tests.

Is "SkipException" required to be thrown in @BeforeXXX before the @Test is ran? That might explain the wierdness I am seeing.

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Yes, my suspicion was correct. Throwing the exception within @Test doesn't work, and neither did throwing it in @BeforeTest, while I am using parallel by classes. If you do that, the exception will break the test setup and your TestNG report will show exceptions within all of the related @Configuration methods and may even cause subsequent tests to fail without being skipped.

But, when I throw it within @BeforeMethod, it works perfectly. Glad I was able to figure it out. The documentation of the class suggests it will work in any of the @Configuration annotated methods, but something about what I am doing didn't allow me to do that.

public void beforeMethod() {
    throw new SkipException("Testing skip.");
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I'm using TestNG 6.8.1.

I have a few @Test methods from which I throw SkipException, and I don't see any weirdness. It seems to work just as expected.

public void testAddCategories() throws Exception {
    if (SupportedDbType.HSQL.equals(dbType)) {
        throw new SkipException("Using HSQL will fail this test. aborting...");


Maven output:

Results :

Tests run: 85, Failures: 0, Errors: 0, Skipped: 2
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Yes, your partially right. Only in the 'Test' or the 'BeforeMethod' annotated method. Within any other 'Configuration' method, it fails. I put together an entire project that tests all the variations and you can fork it and try the stuff yourself: djangofan.github.io/testng-custom-report-example –  djangofan May 13 '14 at 15:32
What is "other configuration" method? –  dzieciou Oct 16 '14 at 10:49
In TestNG, a configuration method is one annotated with a Before or After annotation. So "other configuration method" means one annotated with BeforeClass, BeforeTest, BeforeSuite, or any of the After annotations. –  Dale Emery Feb 25 at 0:05

For skipping test case from @Test annotation option you can use 'enable=false' attribute with @Test annotation as below


This will skip the test case without running it. but other tests, setup and teardown will run without any issue.

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My question was asking for a "true skip" , not a disable, so that the skipped report still shows on my report. –  djangofan Feb 6 '14 at 16:28

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