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I have a question about Checking small network by opendaylight

I am not really sure why I can't accress Opendaylight menu which I created from mininet

I am using windows 7 and VMWare player to run mininet and opendaylight(on Ubuntu).

First, i run Ubuntu to run Opendaylight ( I checked that was working) Second, I run mininet to get IP address.( i will say "") Third, based on IP address , it run two putty to run wireshark and building small network

I used sudo mn --mac --controller=remote, ip=, port=6633.

It successfully build small network. Because i can check all the node infor by command "nodes" and "dump" enter image description here

However, when I go back to Ubuntu VM and access Opendaylight by (it is given IP from mininet)

enter image description here

I am sure really sure why this happen. Is there any possible reasons ?

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Just in case, if anyone is facing the same issue, change network adapter settings in VMWare to use bridge mode.

From the official page

Important troubleshooting - if you are running VirtualBox on the same host/desktop where the controller is running, and trying to start the virtual network on Mininet VM produces this error: "Unable to contact the remote controller at ...", then the following resolves the problem:

  1. In VirtualBox, go to File-Preferences-Network and make sure you have at least one interface defined as Host-Only. Lets say its name is vboxnet0

  2. In VirtualBox - Mininet Vm - Settings - Network, check that the adapter is of type Host only , and is connected to the interface from item 1 (vboxnet0)

  3. On your host where controller and VirtualBox run, do "ifconfig" command to display all network interfaces on the machine.

Search for the interface as in item 1 (vboxnet0 in our example) Take the ip address specified there (most probably - default), and that is the correct remote controller ip address to use when starting a virtual network in mininet vm as stated in the example above (--controller=remote,ip= .

  1. If you are still not able to connect, you might want to consider temporarily disabling firewall on the host running the controller (on Linux, for example, iptables -F will do the job)

  2. Sometimes, the way you start the mininet is a problem, it does not give error, but does not connect to the remote server. Here is a wrong example:

    sudo mn --topo=tree,3 --mac --switch=ovsk --controller=remote, ip=

Here is the correct example:

sudo mn --topo=tree,3 --mac --switch=ovsk --controller=remote,ip=

The difference is the "SPACE" between "remote," and "ip".

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The OpenDaylight UI is accessible on port 8080. So try http://localhost:8080 and you login using username password admin/admin. You should see your topology show up on the UI.

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Also check if you are VMWare player, at IP use this command

sudo mn --mac --controller=remote,--ip= --topo tree,5

and refresh your OpenDay Light Controller.

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The easiest way is to install Gnome on your Mininet/ODL virtual machine. I am using the latest (Helium) ODL release so the GUI of ODL is at http://localhost:8181/dlux/indexh.html

on Helium, ODL run inside your distribution folder with ./bin/karaf command (also install required modules inside karaf with feature:install

Attached is my screenshot:

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