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I am trying to figure out a way of counting some annotations in GATE e.g. if I have some annotations occurring multiple times in a text document and if I want to count it, is there some sort of plugin that can help me?


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Another option is to use a groovy script. The code is from here:

sum = 0
docs.findAll{ // get all documents currently loaded
  def filteredAnnots = it.getAnnotations("Filtered")
  num = filteredAnnots["Anatomy"].size()
  sum += num
  println it.name + " " + num // or print to a file here
println "total:" + " " + sum

You can also easily put this code in a groovy plugin (PR) and run it as part of the pipeline, described here.

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Works for me...thanks.... –  user2910192 Feb 11 '14 at 13:08

All that is necessary is just to get these annotations and then call a .size() method. AnnotationSet in GATE extends Java collection classes.

AnnotationSet annotationSet = gateDocument.getAnnotations().get("ABC");
int size=annotationSet.size();
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