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I've been struggling to port modified version of DREdit, just to get the Authorization, Authentication, Access & Refresh token flows.. I almost have this figured out (hehe). Well my boss (who is not a developer) believes I have spent an inordinate amount of time (probably 3 weeks) figuring out, coding, building a Entityframework Store etc... and it is almost working (behind the firewall in a hosted domain... Unfortanately for me, my boss has availaled himself with various google documentation and is suggesting that we pretty much dump this work, get a Service ID with a Domain_wide authorization to all Drive Files, and run amok.

I don't really want to waste my time taking this shortcut, I also don't want to sacrifice the web server application flow would give me. I am also almost 100 percent sure that our E-Security folks would laugh very hard and just say no. This is a very large corporation and I've really had a hard time convincing my management that this is NOT the way to go with a Service Accout when going against thousands of users Drive files on a Daily basis.

This is a gigantic Security Hold and I won't do it unless you guys can convince me otherwise

Can anyone give me some coherent reasons to not use a Service Account that he might listen to? I personally wonder why the OAuth2 Committee would write this extended specification to provide authenticastion, authorization, scope etc. for Security - and then let some single Admin bypass the entire infrastructure cause it is just too hard. HELP ME OUT to Convince him.. (Or Convince me Otherwise)

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