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I'm trying to overwrite a line-height that has been set up in a theme using:

.container > *{font:normal 22px/28px sans-serif;}

The div I am targeting is well nested inside of .container but everything I try doesn't work!

Any suggestions?

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Can you put some code example in jsFiddle –  Miskone Feb 6 at 6:57
Try .container > *{font:normal 22px/28px sans-serif !important;} –  Pranav C Balan Feb 6 at 6:57
Sorry, I don't think you read the question properly. I'm trying to overwrite that style's line-height with another one. !important doesn't work either. –  lorenzium Feb 6 at 7:09
You should show at least something that you actually tried. –  Jukka K. Korpela Feb 6 at 7:31

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Assuming that the div you want to style has class called myClass, then do this:

.container .myClass
  line-height: x px; /* whatever you need */

This will override the original selector because it is more specific

Here's a demo

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But now you need to add an extra class in the HTML. That wasn't the question because he now doesn't override anything, just adding an extra class! –  Timo002 Feb 6 at 8:24
@Timo002, 1) the OP says: "The div I am targeting" - so I think he already has a class/id there. 2) Yes this does override the line-height which was set to all child elements of the container –  Danield Feb 6 at 8:43
Thank you Daniel, you understood what I was trying to get at. Your demo is good proof so I'm accepting this answer, even though it still isn't working for me - I think this has something to do with stylesheet loading order as mentioned above... –  lorenzium Feb 11 at 8:17

Probably it has something to do with the order the CSS is loaded. Load you CSS after the theme CSS is loaded. If that still doesn't work use the !important at the end of your own CSS!

Like this:

.container > *{
  font:normal 22px/28px sans-serif!important;
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!important was the first thing I tried! Didn't work... Yeah it seems the themes sheet is loaded after mine. But using !important, then that shouldn't matter no? –  lorenzium Feb 6 at 7:04
It matters, if it has important too. –  Kuzgun Feb 6 at 7:15
It doesn't have !important, so I don't get why I can't get to it. –  lorenzium Feb 6 at 7:17
@lorenzium, what do you mean with "It doesn't have !important"? Can you use developer tools to see what style is overruling yourse? Maybe add some code or link to the project if it is online available. –  Timo002 Feb 6 at 8:26

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