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How to make the onload event work in firefox when there are network errors?

Wanted to load a cross domain in an iframe using javascript like the following and want to listen to the load event. I don't want anything with the contents in the iframe. I have also checked by using fr.onload.

var fr = document.createElement('iframe')

fr.addEventListener('load', function(e){

fr.addEventListener('error', function(e){

fr.src = 'http://ddl.sample.net' //assume that domain exist but not the sub domain

That target ddl.sample.net is in our control yet it is not same origin.

That code sometimes cannot connect or times out. The status in firebug would be ns-timeout-error.

In chrome the onload event works perfectly whether there is an error or a document is successfully loaded. so on any case chrome fires the onload event.

But firefox does not fire onload event when there is a connection or timeout error. i checked in versions 3 and 26.

Besides, i don't know whether onerror is suitable in this situation. Just doing trial and errors with that. It never worked in chrome and firefox. I did not check in IE. I am using latest versions.

Got the following from mozillazine forum. Using OnLoad event for Firefox error pages

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Something i got while searching ... forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=352485 –  Jayapal Chandran Feb 6 at 7:28

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