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Here is my podspec :

Pod::Spec.new do |s|
  s.name         = "MyCBDLumberJack"
  s.version      = "0.0.1"
  s.source       = { :git => 'https://me@bitbucket.org/me/mycbdlumberjack.git', 
                    :tag =>  "#{s.version}" }
  s.source_files  = 'MyCBDLumberJack/My Lumberjack/**/*.{h,m}'
  s.public_header_files = 'MyCBDLumberJack/**/InitializationCocoaLumberjack.h'
  s.resource  = "MyCBDLumberJack/Help_MyCBDLumberJack.rtfd"
  s.ios.platform   = :ios, '5.0'
  s.osx.platform   = :osx, '10.7'
  s.requires_arc = true
  s.osx.framework = 'AppKit'
  s.ios.framework = 'UIKit'
  s.prefix_header_contents = '#import "DDLog.h"'
  s.dependency 'CocoaLumberjack', '~>1.8'

But, I don't see any result for it. The #import "DDLog.h" does not appear in Pods-MyCBDLumberJack-prefix.pch.

Am I looking at the wrong place?

PS: it seems that the line is included when linting but is not included when I include the pod in a project...

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That was my mistake. The path to my repo was wrong...

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I posted the question! –  Colas Feb 6 at 17:30
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@Sheridan shouldn't that be a comment and not an answer? Also, that is an auto-generated comment, I did not put it. –  Parag S. Chandakkar Feb 7 at 16:53

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