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I'm having a few issues with Jade and scope of variables exported from the route. This might be an obvious answer, but my googling abilities have failed me.

In my route, I have this code :

res.render('index', {title: "App",
                     csvData: json  // This is a json object

In my view, I want to display the length of the json object on the click of a button. My jade looks like this :

extends layout
block content
    -var test123 = csvData;
    button.btnCSV(onclick='console.log(test123)') Save As CSV

The first console.log prints the correct length, but when I do press the button, it tells me that test123 is undefined. I think this has something to do with the difference between client side/server side variables. If that is the case, is there anyway to make a server side variable accessible to a client side scope?

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I'm not sure how your example would work with the script content prefixed with a -, this indicates unbuffered code. JavaScript that runs server side and that produces no direct output, so your in-line script is most likely empty.

Similarly your onclick handler is just compiling a string on the server, which is the main problem you appear to report.

In order to achieve what you trying to do, you should define a function in the script block which can be called from your buttons onclick handler. Take care to ensure that your script keyword ends with a . so that the following lines are treated as block content of the script.

Here's what your template should look like.

extends layout
block content
    var test123 = !{JSON.stringify(csvData)};
    function printLength() { 
    button.btnCSV(onclick='printLength()') Save As CSV

Then on the server side make sure you're returning an actual JavaScript object, or an Array, and not a string representation... it should look like this

res.render('index', {title: "App",
                     csvData: [{ val1: 'value1', val2: 'value2' }]  

This allows variables to be used for server side scripting (if required) as well as client side.

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My object is generated dynamically, how can I achieve the second part of your answer ? – Arnaud Schenk Feb 7 '14 at 0:31
Do you mean your object is a string? JSON.parse(string) – Jonathan Miles Feb 7 '14 at 2:21
I committed a cardinal sin: ask a question before trying it out. It works fine. Thanks for the help. – Arnaud Schenk Feb 7 '14 at 3:46

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