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I am unable to read the cookie using $_COOKIE['mycookie']. I am using PHP-Apache on Linux box. Is there any seeting in php.ini or httpd.conf to activate cookie.


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If you are using a suitably old version of PHP, you could try using $HTTP_COOKIE_VARS, but its most likely your variable_order setting. – robbo Jan 29 '10 at 4:59
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Did you set the cookie properly?

$value = 'something from somewhere';

setcookie("TestCookie", $value);
setcookie("TestCookie", $value, time()+3600);  /* expire in 1 hour */
setcookie("TestCookie", $value, time()+3600, "/~rasmus/", ".example.com", 1);
// Print an individual cookie
echo $_COOKIE["TestCookie"];
echo $HTTP_COOKIE_VARS["TestCookie"];

// Another way to debug/test is to view all cookies
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Thanks. Yes the cookie is set properly. – kobra Jan 29 '10 at 4:40

While I have not found any specific documentation for this, it seems that cookies are only available from the directory, and sub directories, from the file in which the are written.

So if you write a cookie from


you would not be able to read it from


As a solution I put all my cookie writing files in the top directory, something like:

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Check your gpc_order setting in php.ini to make sure cookies aren't being overridden.

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Thanks. The current order is "EGPCS". Is that right? – kobra Jan 29 '10 at 5:02
The default is actually "GPC" according to the site. – Jason B Jan 29 '10 at 5:06

This pre-supposes that the browser is returning the cookie when you expect. There are tools for both MSIE (iehttpheaders) and Firefox (tamper data, web developer toolbar, and lots more) which let you see the actual HTTP headers sent/received. Alternatively you could use a wiretapping tool like wireshark.


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