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What editors or IDEs offer decent autocompletion for wxPython on Windows or Linux? Are there any? I tried several and support is either non-existant or limited.

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Eclipse+PyDev with the install directory for wxPython added to the PythonPath has fully functioning autocomplete. Pydev

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I use Ulipad, and its has good autocompletion for wxPython too.

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Wingide can do it

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I use Eclipse/PyDev for wxPython development. I've been very satisfied with Eclipse for Python development productivity. It does have support for autocompletion for wxPython.

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try use brain to autocomplete... :)

just joking. when I coding in in PyQt4, I open qt-assistant and search the manual, and wrap myclass like : MyButton = QPusuButton

I think it is impossible to use autocomplete in python, because only in runtime the computer know what happens.

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It's definitely not impossible. NetBeans, Eclipse with PyDev, and Komodo Edit do a good job at autocompletion within the standard library. –  Grant Jan 29 '10 at 4:49

Whatever the default windows IDE for Python is can autocomplete, with code not from the standard library.

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