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I have ActivityA which starts a Fragment when I click a button. Using intent I can't start this fragment, so I've created a second activity, let's call it ActivityB that acts as a bridge between ActivityA and Fragment.

The structure is this : ActivityA --> ActivityB --> Fragment


The functionality is from ActivityA, start Fragment, request some data, and bring this data back to ActivityA.

For this I use startActivityForResult() in ActivityA to call ActivityB. In ActivityB I start Fragment this way:

Fragment fragment = new Fragment();
FragmentTransaction ft = getSupportFragmentManager().beginTransaction();
ft.add(android.R.id.content, fragment).commit();

When I finish what I must do on Fragment, I use setResult() to send data back to ActivtyA.


The thing is that as I have started ActivityB to initialize the Fragment, when returning the data from Fragment to ActivityA, ActivityB is still the one that is opened, and ActivityA remains on background.

This makes me not be able to process the requsted data, as the ActivityA which does this continues on background.

So, what I need is to know how to close ActivityB when I finish operations in Fragment, to go back to ActivityA and make it visible.

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You can use the method getActivity().finish() method in fragment to close ActivityB.

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in your Fragment, call

Activity activity = getActivity();

when you finish operations.

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